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Divorce is an ending – and a beginning.

While divorce does end a marriage, it does not end a family. The collaborative divorce process focuses on helping individuals and families forge their next chapter. In conventional divorce, one person sues the other for divorce. The process becomes a battle that no one wins. The emotional toll can be enormous, especially on children. The court decides the outcome, and private lives becomes matters of public record.

The collaborative divorce process is a private, respectful, and dignified way to end a marriage. Traditional, adversarial divorce looks to the past; collaborative divorce looks to the future.

Collaborative divorce is a cooperative, team-based model. Members of the team usually include attorneys and divorce coaches, and may include a child specialist, financial specialist, or other neutral specialists as needed. Spouses agree in writing not to go to court. Final divorce settlement agreements are negotiated by the spouses face-to-face with the help of their collaborative attorneys and coaches. Agreement is not forced "on the court house steps." It is the result of thoughtful discussion and planning.

What is the Collaborative Divorce Community?

The Wisconsin Collaborative Divorce Community is the first of its kind in Wisconsin. We are independent professionals –  specially trained and experienced in collaborative divorce –  who come together under one roof to provide an efficient, convenient work-group approach to the divorce process. Two autonomous collaborative practice attorneys and two mental health professionals create a unique environment that fosters understanding, communication, and problem solving. This highly innovative Community cuts through the delays many people experience when going through a divorce by making all professional services available under one roof.

Wisconsin Collaborative Divorce Community Members

Attorneys Diane L. Mader and Janice K. Wexler, and divorce coaches Cathryn Daniels Kriss and Marlin Kriss, have known each other professionally for years. They respect each other’s work styles and track records. They sought each other out to offer a collaborative divorce process that supports the integrity of the individuals and family walking along this difficult path.

The Wisconsin Collaborative Divorce Community is conveniently located just minutes from Madison in Middleton.

A Good Divorce Process is Like a Kaleidoscope.

The Wisconsin Collaborative Divorce Community provides the expertise, space, and time for divorcing spouses to craft a mutually acceptible, thoughtful plan for the future. Cookie-cutter decision-making is rejected. Instead, divorcing spouses and the professional team work together – turning the pieces of shattered glass until all the pieces align.

A good divorce process is like a kaleidoscope: tumbling bits that come together to produce a pleasing design. The Wisconsin Collaborative Divorce Community is committed to taking complicated sets of circumstances and working as a team to help couples design a bright future for themselves as individuals, and for their families.

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