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April, 2015

Janice K. Wexler, JD, Middleton, will discuss her role in working parents to resolve custody and placement decisions in collaborative divorce situations. Wexler will be part of a panel of juvenile justice system attorneys presenting to the Children's Justice Project (CJP) at the UW Law School on April 8, 2015 at noon at the Law School in Madison.

The panel will focus on legal work in areas that affect children outside the criminal justice system. The discussion will be mainly about custody/placement determination and CHIPS cases.


Cathryn Kris LCSW, and Marlin Kriss LCSW, CADC, will present collaborative divorce as an alternative to the traditional litigated model to the Wisconsin State Bar Association on January 22, 2015

Marlin Kriss LCSW, CADC, has been selected to present "It's time we changed what divorce often feels like because there has to be an alternative to the pain"at Wisconsin Association of Marriage and Family Therapy at its Annual Spring Conference on April 19, 2015.

November, 2013

Middleton attorney JANICE WEXLER, JD was installed as the 14th Chair of the Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin (CFLCW) at the group’s Annual Meeting & Symposium in Pewaukee.

The Association, which is devoted to alternative dispute resolution using the collaborative process which uses a team of legal, financial and divorce coaches/child specialists to resolve family law issues outside of the court process. Often called “collaborative divorce,” the concept began in the late 1990’s and has quickly spread throughout the world.

Wexler is a Madison native and has practiced family law for over twenty five years. She has served as an Assistant Family Court Commissioner for Dane County, Director of Legal Education for the State Bar of Wisconsin and provides pro bono services to the Dane County Family Law Assistance Center.

May, 2013

Diane Mader and Janice Wexler were recruited for the Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin’s speakers’ bureau. CFLCW is creating a pool of speakers to address groups throughout the State.

A brief summary of Attorney Diane Mader’s presentation follows.

DARE To Imagine A Good Divorce

Most people going through divorce experience feelings of sadness, failure, and loss. Those feelings are normal – after all, no one gets married planning to divorce. However, divorce does not have to be a disaster. Traditionally in Wisconsin, Divorce was a public Court Battle. Now, with Collaborative Divorce, there is a better divorce process available to Wisconsin spouses who have decided to end their marriage.

With Collaborative Divorce, divorcing spouses DARE to Define divorce as a private, future focused planning process rather than as a public Court battle. Collaborative divorce includes a team of professionals trained to guide divorcing spouses through the divorce process and support them as they transform a broken marital relationship into a co-parenting relationship that works for the whole family.

With Collaborative Divorce divorcing spouses DARE to Accept that the marriage is over and divorce is about untangling the legal knots. As they do so, divorcing spouses get support from their team to Act As If everything will be alright. Healing follows.

With Collaborative Divorce divorcing spouses DARE to Reflect on where they are now and what their goals are for the future. Collaborative coaches, lawyers, and neutral financial specialists help divorcing spouses set and reach goals for the future. Collaboration is a better divorce process and it leads to better, more solid relationships in the future. Collaboration is a process that asks divorcing spouses to investment in a secure future, rather than spend money reacting to adversarial positions over now-irrelevant marital issues.

Finally, with Collaborative Divorce divorcing spouses DARE to negotiate from the perspective of Enough. Trained team members teach divorcing spouses to use interested based negotiation and find solutions that serve the needs of the entire family. Collaborative Divorce DARES to help participates Embrace the future with hope and healing.


October, 2012

CFLCW TEAM PRESENTS TO NATIONAL ASSN OF SOCIAL WORKERS, Wisconsin Chapter. A team of collaborative professionals conducted a presentation and discussion on the collaborative process to members on the NASW, Wisconsin Chapter at their annual meeting at the Milwaukee Sheraton on Wed. October 31.

Collaborative Divorce Community Members

Presenting were Cathryn Daniels Kriss, LCSW, Attorney Janice K.Wexler, and Marlin Kriss, LSCW. Taking care of business in the main conference room and greeting conference attendees at the CFLCW booth were Teena Abraham, JD, Michelle Hirsch, LCSW and Affiliate Member Lynn Magner, CFP of UBS Financial.

September 27, 2012

Attorney Diane L. Mader, Attorney Janice K. Wexler, Marlin Kriss, LCSW, CADC, and Cathryn Daniels Kriss, LSCW, members of the Wisconsin Collaborative Divorce Community, will be presenting faculty for "Anatomy of a Collaborative Case," a four-part continuing education workshop sponsored by the Dane County Practice Group, Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin, Inc.

The training sessions are designed to enhance understanding of a collaborative family law through the presentation of case studies, descriptive material and a “role play” demonstration of the various stages of a collaborative case.


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